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Safe Handling of Medicines & BIODOSE


BIODOSE, the world’s first Total Medication Management System (ToMM), provides for the first time ever, the ability to dispense and monitor liquid and solid oral medications together.

Voted by 85% of pharmacies as “better” or “much better” than any other system of commercial administration of medicine available of the market.

Our Safe Handling of Medicine and BIODOSE course is aimed at staff responsible for the handling, administration and disposal of medication within a care and clinical environment using the BIODOSE system.

This course is designed to support individual in understanding different types of medication and what they are for, how to store and dispose medicines in a safe way, how to administer medication safely and to ensure that record keeping and audits are completed correctly and accurately. This course also explains how to setup and use the BIODOSE system. This qualification is assessed by a multiple-choice examination and is suitable for both qualified and unqualified staff.

We also recommend the following specialist course(s):

  • Anaphylaxis Awareness
  • Buccal Midazolam Administration
  • Epilepsy and Buccal Midazolam Administration


3.5 hours

  1. Mod 01: Introduction to Medicines
  2. Mod 02: Legislations surrounding the Medication Administration
  3. Mod 03: Classification of Medicines
  4. Mod 04: Types of Medicines
  5. Mod 05: Route of Administration
  6. Mod 06: Strength, Dosage, Timing and Frequency
  7. Mod 07: Medication Labels
  8. Mod 08: Assisting with Administration of Medicines
  9. Mod 09: Monitoring and Supporting Medicines use
  10. Mod 010: Medication Cycles
  11. Mod 011: Control Drugs
  12. Mod 012: Storage of Medication
  13. Mod 013: Medication Errors
  14. Mod 014: Safe Disposal of Medicines
  15. Mod 015: Confidentiality
  16. Mod 016: Record Keeping
  17. Mod 017: Setting up BIODOSE system
  18. Mod 018: Administration of Medicines using BIODOSE System
  19. Mod 019: Recording of Medication Administration using BIODOSE system

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